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mexico desert. it took him less than 10 minutes to land back on earth reaching 833.9 miles per hour faster than the speed of sound. >> isn't it amazing? but you can go 24 miles in 10 minutes? right when you look at those pictures up there how the hell do they know he's going to land in new mexico. >> it was unbelievable. >> i think freefall, you could land in the middle of the atlantic ocean. >> we pulled it up just in time to watch him lift off. here we go. he's going to be in position for two and a half more hours. it takes that long to get you the, not that long to get down. >> the space shuttle endeavor reached its retirement home traveling just two miles an hour for 12 miles. >> not even in some plates. >> a 160 wheel trailer to get to the museum. the trip took longer than anticipated because of tough turns it had to make. at one point, it was towed by a toyota tundra. that was filmed by the car company for an upcoming car commercial. >> damned right they filmed that. >> the only issues they ran into was one of the wings clipped a fire hydrant spraying water everywhere but that
of everything else. betty is in albuquerque, new mexico. >> caller: good morning, bill. chipping away at sesame is emblematic of what is happening all over this country with republican officials. and americans really need to pay attention to what is going on in their communities, towns, and cities. our republican mayor who was elected with something like a 42% mandate, if you will the first thing he did when he came to office was eliminate the education channel, teachers in albuquerque has used to help form late their curriculums. this is happening everywhere. >> bill: and you see, betty, i think the point you are making he didn't -- whoever the mayor is, didn't do that to save money. he did it because he doesn't believe in it and doesn't think it's important. >> caller: you are absolutely right, sir. >> bill: and it is the same thing with pbs. first of all it is never going to happen. you can't stick your finger in the eye of 91% of american families. but were he to do it it only be -- it wouldn't save any money. wouldn't notice. it's not even a blip on the screen, the
minnesota, new mexico nevada pennsylvania, that those are basically -- these are toss-up states but say look like they are going to go for obama. >> i think the president is up something like six points in nevada which is a huge deal for him. >> bill: yeah, that's six leaning republican, they only have two. arizona and north carolina. and north carolina could still go the other way. >> yeah. >> bill: in the middle toss up and this is what it really comes down to, seven colorado, florida, iowa -- where i think the president is still up -- new hampshire -- which last i saw the president is still up -- ohio which is the president is up by five at least in one poll -- virginia president within it last time. >> tim kaine is doing very well there, about 50%. >> bill: and wisconsin. >> the "washington post" poll had the president up in virginia. >> four points, yeah. >> bill: so romney has got a long way to go. >> a long way to go. it has to be a perfect perfect election for him to make this work. to get to work, go door-to-door show up, and get those people to the polls. >>
'll land safely in the new mexico dessert about ten minutes after he jumps. waiting for him will be joel, who holds the record. >> bill: there's one -- i just want to -- you said if all goes well -- >> if all goes well we'll land in the desert -- >> bill: if all doesn't go well what happens? dan? >> well, different outcome. [ laughter ] >> bill: a new cater in the desert. >> he jumps from like a little over 100,000 feet. he has been practicing every day. >> bill: how can you practice for this every day. >> they were saying he is going to suffer lung damage from this. there is no way around it. >> bill: why? >> why do it? >> bill: why do it? >> insanity. >> eric winslow delivered a message when his teammate was knocked out of the game. he say we are nothing more than athletes, we are not gladiators. he said the fans certainly have the right to boo for a poor performance, but they should never wish harmon anyone. >> bill: well said but it's also professional football. >> kansas city also booed robinson cano the whole time burring the home run derby. >> bill: really? >>
's the -- the combination of united states, canada and mexico. north america will probably -- could produce as much oil as it consumes sometimes within the next 20 years. part of that is that we're consuming less. as i said, we're using less fuel in our cars. so we might be able to produce the same amount that we consume. however, we won't be independent of whatever the prices will be. that in no way will shield us from high or volatile prices because prices are set on the global market. >> bill: it is an interesting concept that in the global market, any country one country be totally energy independent. >> yes exactly. this global technology race, we never think globally of the country. we're very ins lar and we need to open our eyes to what's going on. >> bill: you guys are great. thank you, victoria for coming in as a "friend of bill" for the whole hour. great to see you. coral, always good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> bill: thank you both. i'll be back and tell what you the president is up to today. another busy d
as course architect designing his first one doing so at a resort in cabo in mexico. the 14-time major champion says it will be a course that anybody of any experienced level will be able to enjoy. no word on how many more courses he wants to build and how much he's getting paid but it is costing $12 million to build. >> bill: it is costing $12 million because they have to bring the water from northern california. baja, california, it is a freaking desert. leave it alone. >> there are so many jokes i could make right now. about tiger woods. >> bill: i know. paul last night, "usa today," the fact checkers, this has been the season for fact checkers. >> i have mixed views about it myself. >> bill: you're part of it. >> i know i'm part of it. but i think sometimes we worry more about the trees and miss the forest. >> the trees are just the right height. [ laughter ] >> bill: so i just want to go through some of the ones you put out there and we'll see -- let the chips fall where they may as they say. >> fire it up. >> b
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6